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April 20, 2016

Company Profile

Nobody can deny the fact that existence of life on earth is impossible without water and 80% of all human illness can be eliminated with the use of clean and pure water. Hence, it is imperative to give special attention towards the cleanliness and purity of it. With the same objective, Chennai Aqua Pure Systems (CAPS) Pvt. Ltd., a professionally managed water & waste treatment management company emerged in Southern India. We provide a comprehensive range of such services that includes micron filtration, ultra waste water treatment system, nano filtration, filtration for beverages and pharma industries, water softening unit, reverse osmosis plant, sewage & effluent treatment plant, etc.

The company has vast experience and in-depth knowledge of the industry, which enables it to provide best quality water and waste treatment services to clients. The wastewater solutions provider has well equipped wastewater treatment plants. These plants are constructed in our in-house production units. We provide fully integrated and standardized systems to our valued customers, which can be customized as per their requirements and specifications. All the services are available at competitive prices and delivered within the stipulated time frame to save clients’ precious time.

Backed by a talented team of professionals, who are specialized in the field of biotechnology, chemical engineering, wastewater designs and advanced engineering solutions, CAPS offers all types of water and waste treatment management services all over India. The company is well equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and modern machineries required in the treatment process. We offer wastewater treatment plants and solutions, which are designed and constructed in our in-house production units.

Quality Assurance
Our team of highly qualified and experienced personnel has industrial acumen and is familiar with each and every requirement of the customers. Hence, they are efficient in providing excellent services to users throughout the country. Our specialized water and waste treatment management services are available for household as well industrial purposes.