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April 20, 2016

Other Products

Other ProductsMicron Filtration
CAPS uses its expertise in recommending and supplying the right type of micron filtration equipments based on micron rating and material of construction for filtration up to 0.2 micron. Filters are available in different material of construction, end connections and micron rating like cartridge, bag filters, PP & SS housings, spun, wound, pleated, SS mesh and resin bonded cartridges, etc. These are devised and configured in standard and custom specifications. The material of construction is carefully chosen to impart durability and extra efficiency therein.


Ultra Filtration Units
We also supply the ultra filtration units for general drinking water purposes as well as for the important applications such as beverages and pharma industries. The pharma application demands the UF membranes from FILMTEC or hydranautics of hollow fine fiber types. The plant can be designed from 10 lph to 10,000 lph with perfect automation with PLC. Ultra filtration units are as combination of membrane and ion exchange technique to produce specific resistance water.

Nano Filtration Units
Nano filtration is a pressure driven separation process, where the filtration process takes place on a selective separation layer formed by an organic semi permeable membrane. Our nano filtration membranes and systems are mostly used for water softening, food, pharmaceutical and varied other applications. Our nano filtration process uses a relatively open RO membrane, which allows water and other small univalent ions (Na+, K+, Cl-) to pass.