April 21, 2016


Reverse Osmosis Plant
At Chennai Aqua Pure Systems Pvt. Ltd. have reverse osmosis plant to clean and purify water by removing salts and other impurities to improve the color, taste or properties of the water. The plant can be used for purifying other fluids like ethanol, glycol, etc. Our plant is well equipped with all the instruments and required facilities to meet specific customer needs.
CAPS offers you a variety of filters in order to remove dirt, turbidity, etc. We have sand filter/multi grade filter, activated carbon filter and iron removal unit to assist you in the filtration. It is a physical treatment process, which is used for removing suspended particles from the desired solution, by passing through a porous medium. Although, there are a large number of filtration service provider in the market, customers choose us first for our quality oriented approach and affordable prices.
CAPS is one of the leading companies providing facility of water softeners to remove hardness from the water. We use the proven ion exchange process to remove the hardness in water without altering or affecting the PH, alkalinity and conductivity of the water. Calcium and magnesium are the main elements, which cause both temporary and permanent hardness in water.
Spares, Operations and Maintenance
We provide an extensive array of components and spares for the water treatment plants. Our components and spares include multiport valves, rota meters, logic controller instruments, digital flow meters, ultrasonic level sensors, RO pressure tubes, FRP vessel, membranes, resin, media, carbon, garnet, domestic purifiers and spares. All the components and spares provided by us are made of durable material and meet international quality standards.
Sewage & Effluent Treatment Plan
CAPS is recognized for offering excellent sewage & effluent treatment system for waste management. Our company has effluent treatment plant, and packaged sewage & effluent treatment plants to meet all expectations of customers. We have expertise in providing superior concepts, designs, planning, execution & commissioning of plants of various capacities and wide design range. Our sewage treatment plants are based on state-of-the-art technologies and user-friendly consoles.
D. M. Plants

For many laboratory and industrial applications, high-purity water which is essentially free form ionic contaminants is required. Water of this quality can be Produced by deionization.

The two most common types of deionization are:

  • Two-bed deionization
  • Mixed-bed deionization
Other Products
CAPS uses its expertise in recommending and supplying the right type of micron filtration equipments based on micron rating and material of construction for filtration up to 0.2 micron. Filters are available in different material of construction, end connections and micron rating like cartridge, bag filters, PP & SS housings, spun, wound, pleated, SS mesh and resin bonded cartridges, etc. These are devised and configured in standard and custom specifications. The material of construction is carefully chosen to impart durability and extra efficiency therein.