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April 20, 2016


SoftnersCAPS is one of the leading companies providing facility of water softeners to remove hardness from the water. We use the proven ion exchange process to remove the hardness in water without altering or affecting the PH, alkalinity and conductivity of the water. Calcium and magnesium are the main elements, which cause both temporary and permanent hardness in water. Soap does not lather in water. Our calcium and magnesium hard water softeners are highly demanded by clients to remove hardness from the water.

Hardness corrodes the pipelines and fittings, induces scaling and bacterial growth. When the impurities exceed the permissible limit (of less than 150 ppm), the water is nit potable. Our softeners use 100 % corrosion resistant FRP tanks, FRP/MS/MSRL housings and user-friendly multiport valve system to ensure easy operation. We have designed distribution systems and support media for efficient & trouble free operations. Mild steel and conventional multi valve piping systems options are also available.